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Get to Know Us

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Hello, my name is Ewan and I am the founder of Foraged + Local. Foraged + Local was born out of growing up in rural Argyll and Bute on the West Coast of Scotland. With my family, I learnt how to hunt for mushrooms, fossick for pig nuts and make the most of every season's bounty. I was immersed in the interconnectedness of the environment, its people and how they interact with each other. Leaving Argyll in 2015, I moved to Edinburgh to study Environmental Resource Management (BSc) and Outdoor Environmental and Sustainable Education (MSc) to further develop my understanding. All the while cooking and refining my culinary skills, I even catered my own wedding. In Summer 2023, I had the good fortune to start working as a full-time chef. In March 2024, the stars further aligned and Foraged + Local was launched.

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